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About Us

  • We have High Academic Achievement: 
    Most of our graduates join good schools and often get promoted instantly.
  • Pastoral Care:
    At such tender ages, we have sound moral training support through effective pastoral care.
  • Small classes and learning Groups:
    This allows a high teacher per student ratio, thereby ensuring effective tuition and child care


His Grace and Mercy School was established to promote kids’ all round development and personal academic excellence. This would be done by

  1. Providing a rich curriculum
  2. Identifying their potentials
  3. Addressing individual needs.

The school’s founder’s desire is to give affordable yet quality education for children’s happiness, encouraging them to be enthusiastic learners so as to be prepared for the future.

Secondly, the school wants to train as many children as it can, to fit into any primary school system of parents’ choice.

It is the wish of the founder to impact honesty, respect and wisdom into these young children as they pass through their first classroom experiences.

Mission Statement

  • We recognize the individual needs of each child and promote every child’s intellectual, physical, social, moral and spiritual development.
  • We strive to enable all children to be happy and therefore to reach their full potential.

The school:

This provides a learning environment that encourages the development of each child within a broad and balanced curriculum.

  • Recognizes each child’s strengths and weaknesses or challenges and addresses them accordingly.
  • Develops a child’s self-esteem in order to promote and foster independent learning ability.
  • Employs well qualified staff who are personally committed to the ethos of our school.
  • Encourages a close liaison with parents and the wider community.
  • The school crest has a significant meaning that depicts the importance of education in our daily lives.

Our Crest

The boy carrying books:

This means that books are an accumulated idea put into a format for knowledge gathering, reading and understanding. It is to ensure that our future leaders have diverse skills to face challenges and opportunities. 

The girl studying:

This depicts the beginning of wisdom, knowledge and learning. Educating the girl child is educating the nation.