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Children and Temperament

Find out details about your child’s temperament in this post.

What Is Temperament?

Temperament is a psychological term that incorporates a person’s innate activity level, regularity of basic functions, initial approach to new situations, adaptability, emotional sensitivity, intensity, mood, attention span, how easily they get distracted, and the amount of stimulation required for a response.

Temperament is the result of genetic factors and is nobody’s fault or responsibility. It is very important in a person’s personality and life experience.

Temperament is indicated by behavior that clusters into three

  • easy,
  • slow-to-warm up,
  • difficult.

No category makes a child good or bad. They merely describe a child’s response patterns.

A child who needs time to feel comfortable, for example, experiences new situations, like a birthday party, very differently than a child who is happy to jump right in.

Parents aren’t responsible for their child’s temperament, but they can make a big difference in the extent to which a difficult temperament becomes a strength or a liability.

God bless you.

Thank you.

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